Module with one 0-10V analogue input S81-MOD-AV010

S81-MOD-AV010S81-MOD-AV010 module allows to monitor analogue signals, of 0-10V type. It is equipped with two extractable terminals, a 5-pole one for the connection of the communication bus and a 8-pole one for the connection to power and transducer.
•    Box material:        
•    Degree of protection:        
•    Operating temperature:                    
•    Loop supply voltage:    
•    Loop absorption at rest:     
•    Loop absorption in polling:     
•    Supply voltage 24Vdc:   
•    Maximum current output V sensor    
•    Resolution:            
•    Linearity:                
•    Input impedance:        
•    Control board:


green color thermoplastic
IP 30
-5  +50 °C
17 41Vdc
250uA typical
22mA typical
20 28Vdc
39,06 mV (8 bit)
+/- 1 LSB
>47 Kohm