C20 Panel

The signalling, command and monitoring central C20 doubtless represents an innovation in the field of safety as it combines a great simplicity of installation and programming with the possibility of managing all the gas and fire detecting systems, even those combined with the most complex fire extinguishing systems. Up to now, in order to have such implementations, it was necessary to use several centrals, with greater purchasing, installation and management costs. The implementation of all this in just one central has been possible thanks to our experience in the field and developed thanks to the most modern technological contribution from SCAME Sistemi's R&D department. The modular and sectional C20 central perfectly and conveniently fits all applications, from the simplest to the most complex ones.


•    fires detection of conventional type
•    gas detection
•    alarm and evacuation
•    fire extinction also with clearing systems 

Main features
•    entirely modular
•    easily sectional
•    programmable without the aid of computer
•    adaptability to all kinds of detectors
•    inner circuital autodiagnosis with alarm simulation
•    field autodiagnosis
•    EN conformity 54-2 EN 54-4 EN 12094-1


Basic composition: the C 20 central is composed by a standard 19" rack housing the Service Card, the heart and brain of the system that occupies two slots. For housing the other system cards 7 more slots are available in the first rack and 9 slots in the additional racks.