CFP12-24 Panel


CFP 12-24 is a fire detection panel in accordance with EN 54-2 and EN 54-4 normative. In standard version, the panel can control 12 detection zones. The panel can be extended by optional expansion cards, to increase number of zone to 24, drive 8 relays and 8 open collector outputs or drive an automatic release system. The panel is compatible with all conventional detectors. The panel is especially designed for applications where high safety level combined to high flexibility system is required together with a strong fault tolerance. All panel cards are controlled with 16 bit RISC microprocessor. The CPU performs all normal functions and check the efficiency of main circuits. In fault state, the panel reverts in safety condition.




  • In accordance with EN 54.2 and EN 54.4. 
  • 12 zone upgradeable to 24 via one expansion card. 
  • Three selectable languages. 
  • Possibility to download different language sets. 
  • Three access level for operators plus one level for maintenance. 
  • History log of last 250 events in non volatile memory. 
  • Parameter configuration by Proc24 software or by panel keys. 
  • Zone reset function with automatic reset of lines. 
  • Alarm verification programmable separately for each zone. 
  • Programmable zone input as 3 levels (pre-alarm) or 2 level signalling. 
  • Possibility to configure short-circuit as Alarm, or Fault; individually for each zone. 
  • Automatic test of main circuits to guarantee panel operatio.




  • Stand-by current (Standard version with 12 terminated lines): 180mA 
  • Stand-by time with 18Ah batteries: 72 hours 
  • Suitable battery: Max. 2 x 12Vdc 18Ah 
  • Dimension: 430 x 330 x 140 mm 
  • Colour: grey RAL 7016 
  • IP rating: IP20

  • Power supply is approved by European EN 54.4 normative. It’s suited to feed power to main panel, in field devices and stand-by battery. The maximum total current is 2,5 A distributed between loads and battery. Battery charger is designed to check, control and charge two 12V battery with 18A/h of maximum capacity. 
    When main power fails, power is automatically switched from battery without any output interruption. In normal condition, power supply check battery efficiency each 30 seconds. During upkeep battery the charger operate an automatic battery voltage compensation in function of temperature. 
    During high charge stage the test do not operate. If high charge stage exceed 24 hours, the power supply will display battery fault.
  • Main input voltage: 110-240V~ (-15% ÷ +10%) 
  • Max. current at 110V~: 1A o Max. current at 240V~: 0,6A 
  • Temperature range: -5 C° ÷ +50 C° 
  • Relative humidity: 93% (without condensation) 
  • Mains input frequency: 50/60 Hz 
  • Self extinguishment rate: UL94V2 
  • Battery voltage automatically regulated in function of temperature


Proc24 is the programming software, compatible with Windows operative systems, designed to allow panel configuration using RS232 port on the main board.