PU-A0009--1It is an uninterruptible power supply group able to control and charge two 12 volt batteries with maximum capacity of 120A/h. The maximum charging current of batteries can be set through a dip-switch onboard of the card. In normal conditions, it performs a brief test every 30 seconds to check the presence of batteries while every hour, it performs a complete test to check the efficiency of batteries and electric connections. While charging, the battery voltage is automatically compensated based on the temperature measured, while when charging in full, it is kept at 27.6 Vdc. In case network voltage is lacking, the batteries are automatically commuted on the load without any interruption. If the full charging phase does not end within 24 hours, the battery charger signals a batteries’ failure. In case of absence of primary voltage, the device shuts down the batteries when the voltage on the load is lower than 18Vdc to avoid to damage the same batteries. The group is equipped with seven open collector Outputs for the repetition of the different types of failure, a series of Inputs to control the status of feeder modules and cooling vents, and a RS232 port for connection to a monitoring system. It can be used with one or more feeders, PU-A0008-1 model. In this case, a feeder group is obtained that fully complies with EN54-4:1997/A2:2006 standard.  

•    Input voltage                 
•    Maximum absorbed current             
•    Operating temperature        
•    Relative humidity                        
•    Output                    
•    Protection degree                
•    Sizes                    
•    Self-extinguishing degree             
•    Battery voltage        
•    Battery current   
•    Ripple VBAT   
•    Capacity in case of network’s deficit
•    Maximum output of batteries
•    Current to batteries                      
•    Current to load 
•    Protections
•    Reference standards     
•    CE Reference standards 
22-28 Vdc
-5 C° ÷ +50 C° in free air
93% without condensate 
> 83%
128mm x 40mm x 250mm 
from 26.2 to 28.7 Vdc automatically compensated
(4/6A) It can be isolated through dip switch
< 100mV pK-pK  at maximum current
>=20mS at maximum current (with PU-A0008)
120 A/h 

Automatically limited
50A external fuse 
Overvoltages short-circuits and battery inversion

EN50081-2 e EN50082-2 (industrial environment)