Pharmaceutical and biotech industry plays a vital part in ensuring our health, and is therefore subject to a range of laws and regulations regarding not only the safety of the drugs themselves, but also of their production and storage. Those numerous dynamic factors as well as the complexity of the related chemical reactions increase the challenges of toxic gas leak detection, fire protection and controlled emergency evacuations in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Taking into account the often specific building structure, processing units and storage requirements for pharmaceutical and biotech industry as well as that a toxic gas or fire could be released from processing substances, which could be harmful to workers, and any other people involved. Many challenges Could be overcome by adopting a reliable Fire & Gas detection system for the facility. Honeywell HS-81 combined Fire & Gas detection system certified up to SIL 3 provides a reliable solution for pharmaceutical and Biotech industry. Honeywell Industrial Fire solutions also provide a range of products and services that caters to the wide variety of different environments in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and is therefore a valuable partner for you.