Any disruption of either the power generation or its distribution would be costly and put a great strain on the power companies and our everyday lives. It is therefore vital to keep power plants running in order to maximise asset availability and meet regulatory compliance. That’s why Honeywell Industrial Fire Solutions has been partnering with power generation and distribution companies around the world. Power generation and distribution is as important as it is challenging, which is why special solutions are required to mitigate potential risks and to help you adapt to the changing landscape of electricity generation. Our offered solutions provide a reliable fire detection and extinguishing, reduce Total Cost of Ownership of the plant and ensure the regular compliance and standards. Honeywell Industrial Fire Solutions provide integrated safety and information solutions for complete plant-wide safety and control – for conventional as well as renewable energy generation and distribution.


Reference project

Power project in Indonesia: The project scope was to build a gas CCPP.  Honeywell Industrial Fire played a vital role here by supplying HS-81 panels, UL listed supplied with PROS81 programming software and customized with a cabinet size of 2100 x 800 x 800 mm, discharge buttons and a synoptic panel placed on the front door of the panel.