Applications requiring fire and gas detection and releasing/extinguishing, such as fuel Loading, Pumping and Storage, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Loading, Tunnels, etc.: we have a solution.
Small space with long distances: we have a solution.
Diverse input/output needs, such as security and linear heat: we have a solution.
Locations with limited access,  high services and maintenance costs: we have a solution.

The modular design of the HS-81 controller allows solutions to challenging problems.   Additionally, our Safety Bus modules allow for the same level of capability extended up to 4KM over a fiber connection.  We offer SIL 2/3 solutions with modulatory and redundancy to reduce expenses with site flexibility for the specific application.

Reference project

Major metro station in the Middle East: Honeywell Industrial Fire was chosen for a large metro station project in the Middle East because SIL2 was a mandatory requirement in railway industry. Honeywell Industrial Fire were able to educate the customer by highlighting the importance of adopting a SIL certified panel at the Metro Project. This was achieved since the SIL adoption would have increased the reliability of the system and avoided any unwanted alarms to mitigate the panic that could result in an underground environment which can be very dangerous for passengers.