Communication Cards

  • S81 – F7006 Modbus Protocol Serial Communications Card (Modbus RTU)

    Communication card with RTU Master/slave Modbus protocol. Its Output supplies two independent connections, a RS485 Half Duplex and a RS232.

    It manages the following Modbus variables: 512 Input variables, 512 Output variables, 1024 16-bit analogue variables.
    The values on to 4-20mA analogue cards S81-F4001, S81-F4002, S81-F4003 can be transmitted to the DCS system.

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  • S81 – F7008 Scale Control Cylinder weighting Card (Modbus RS485)

    This card, used together with S81-MOD-BIL cylinder weighing modules, allows to monitor cylinder load status and to signal even the slightest extinguishing gas leakage without delay.

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  • Special Logic Cards

  • S81 – F6002 Special Logic Control (flip/flop, toggle, timer)

    This card is designed to produce and manage functional logics through flip/flop, toggle and timer devices. Timers can be configured to operate in two modes (A and B).

    The card deploys the virtual inputs constituted by the output variables from the other panel cards to produce virtual outputs, which are obtained through software elaboration by internal logic devices.

    The virtual outputs thus generated are input variables to other cards and are used to create particular functional logics.

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