Output - Command Cards

  • S81 – F5001 8 Channels -500 mA Line Monitored Outputs

    Card with eight (8) controlled Output channels of 500mA for the command of solenoids with safety related functions. It performs testing every 2 seconds on the channels cyclically, in case of discrepancy between the set signal and the read signal, the unit promptly warns about the failure condition. The Output is tested for the following: line opening, short circuit towards positive pole, short circuit towards negative pole, failure of piloting DMOS device, over-temperature of piloting DMOS device, power voltage outside the limits allowed. To increase output current, channels can be connected in parallel.

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  • S81 – F5002 16 Channels - Control Card with Open Collector Outputs

    Card with sixteen (16) open collector, non controlled Output channels of 250mA and mainly used to pilot the 16-relay card S81-T8007-1.

    This card effects status and functionality checks, but does not monitor the control channels.

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  • S81 – F5003 8 Channels - Polarity Reversal-monitored Outputs

    Card with eight (8) controlled output channels of 250mA for the command of sirens in a steady and intermittent mode. The line is monitored through the inversion of polarities. The card is suitable for use in systems that include devices conforming to the NFPA standards, where it can activate the alarm sounders.

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  • S81 – F5004 4 Channels - Monitored Line Control Outputs

    The four 2A output lines of the card are mainly utilized to control solenoids and heavy loads. The card is particularly suitable to manage automatic fire fighting systems, where it can be used to operate extinguishing agent release solenoid valves, or visual-audible evacuation and alarm devices.

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