PU-A0004-1 (125W, 24VDC Battery Charger)

Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) unit, which can control and charge two 12V, 65Ah batteries.

The batteries are charged separately from the load and, in case of main supply fault or failure (PU-A005 or equivalent), they are switched on to the load immediately, which ensures no interruption.

When main supply is restored, the battery charger disconnects the batteries and recharges them, adjusting current depending on temperature.

In normal conditions, the batteries are subject to trickle charging and are checked every 30 seconds for their presence.

A complete test is carried out every hour to verify battery efficiency and connections.


Main Characteristics:

  • Suitable to build up power supply groups certified to EN 54-4 to meets the 54-4:1997/A2:2006
  • Check for battery presence and connections every 30 seconds
  • Check for battery efficiency in every hour
  • Input voltage variable between 22 and 28 VDC
  • Maximum current supplied to batteries 4A
  • Can control up to four PU-A0005 in parallel
  • Protection from battery short-circuits and polarity reversal
  • LED for indication of battery charge status and battery fault
  • LED for indication of fault of feeder and battery charger section
  • Button for manual battery testing
  • RS 232 serial communication port for programming and control
  • Ripple < 100mV pk/ pkat maximum current
  • Dimensions 200 mm x 60 mm x 110 mm (excluding terminals)
  • Operating temperature -5 to +50 °C (in open air)
  • Mounting on panel back plate