PU-A0009-1 (Battery Charger – Drawer Type)

The batteries are charged separately from the load and, in case of main supply fault or failure, they are immediately switched on to the load.

When main supply is restored, the battery charger disconnects the batteries and recharges them, adjusting current according to temperature.

In normal conditions, the batteries are subject to trickle charging and are checked for presence every 30 seconds. Complete testing occurs every hour to verify battery efficiency and connections.


General Characteristics

  • Input Voltage:  22-28 VDC
  • Maximum Current:  7 A
  • Operating Temperature:  -5 to +50 °C (in open air)
  • Relative Humidity:  93% (non-condensing)
  • Protection:  IP20
  • Dimensions:  128 mm x 40 mm x 250 mm
  • Self-extinguishing:  UL94V2
  • VBAT Voltage:  26.2 to 28.7 VDC (automatically compensated)
  • VBAT Current:  4/6 A (selectable through dip switches)
  • VBAT Ripple:  < 100mV pK- pKat maximum current
  • Hold-up time on main supply failure  20 mSat maximum current (with PU-A0005)
  • Maximum Battery Current:  120 Ah