Welcome at the technical support area of SCAME Sistemi. Here you can find all the necessary information to simply and immediately dispel and solve the most common doubts and problems. Through the means that are at made available for you, you will be able to promptly identify your issue and find a solution for it. Should you not succeed, however, the technical support team of SCAME Sistemi will be ready, willing and able to help you in the best possible way.

Thanks to a structure including several specialised technicians, SCAME Sistemi can assure an efficient and rapid Customer assistance service, both in Italy and overseas. The service concerns, in particular, system commissioning, final testing and start-up. These activities are carried out on both the security and the fire extinguishing systems, respectively of a mainly electronic and mechanical content. At the end of each phase, relevant reports are drawn up and countersigned, which complete the final project documentation, together with system basic and detail engineering, as well as operation and maintenance manuals.