This fully automatic foam system is specially designed and manufactured for extremely fast detection and extinguishment of any types of fire involving the rimseal of floating roof tanks. Each system unit covers about 40 m of tank circumference, where the rimseal is located, and essentially consists of a 150 L AFFF 3% foam solution tank supplying 20 equally spaced foam nozzles. Tank permanent pressure, provided by nitrogen, is 25 bar and enables foam discharge onto the protected area, at a high application rate, in 30 to 40 seconds. Fire detection is carried out by a thermoplastic pneumatic tubing, containing nitrogen from the tank, or by one or two heat sensing cables. When, due to a fire, temperature reaches 105 °C, the tubing, or the cable, melts and foam discharge is triggered. Foam solution tank discharge valve is opened by the pressure drop occurring on tube melting, or by the control panel, via an explosion-proof 24V dc solenoid valve, on cable melting. System design and construction ensure quick and easy installation, as well as very low maintenance requirements, which result in considerable cost savings.

caratteristiche tecniche

  • Rimseal length covered by one unit: 40 m
  • Nozzles per unit: 20 max.
  • Nozzle spacing: 2 m approx.
  • 250 L tank: containing 150 L of pressurised foam solution
  • Foam concentrate type: AFFF 3%
  • Foam discharge time: 30 to 40 seconds
  • Propellant: nitrogen
  • Operating pressure: 25 bar
  • Testing pressure: 42 bar
  • Fire detection: heat sensitive pneumatic tube, or linear heat detector 105 °C
  • Detection line monitoring: continuous
  • Fire alarm: pressure switch, or linear heat detector
  • Operating temperature: 10 to 80 °C